Our company operates in the field of machining metal elements with numerically controlled CNC machines. We have many years of experience in machining all types of steel, aluminium, brass, cast iron and plastics.

We also produce elements used in the following industries:

  • installation,
  • automotive,
  • electrotechnical,
  • machinery and many others.

We carry out piece as well as series production.

We encourage you to cooperate with us. We guarantee reliability, timeliness of entrusted orders and flexibility in the details quotation, individually adapted to meet expectations of each client.

Feel free to cooperate and contact:

Grzegorz Wędzonka
+48 787 434 801


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Turning and milling

We offer piece or series production of turned elements based on a technical drawing.
Materials processed by us: steel (alloyed, unalloyed), aluminium, plastics.
• Min turning diameter from fi 4​
• Max turning diameter up to fi 200
• Max. turning length 380mm


Our offer also includes a bandsaw cutting service. We have a bandsaw that allows cutting
material with a diameter of 300×400 mm. It is suitable for cutting: bars, pipes and sections
made of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals in an automatic cycle.


The welding service offer includes MMA, MAG/MIG and TIG methods. We provide services
for welding stainless, acid-proof steel and aluminium.
Individual approach100%
Full service100%
Customer satisfaction100%
CNC lathes
dimensioning stations
square meters


Tokarka CNC Okuma GENOS L250II-e 

Okuma GENOS L2000-e cnc lathe

The latest in the GENOS L series of lathes, GENOS L2000, is equipped with an integrated spindle for efficient and...
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Tokarka CNC Okuma GENOS L250II-e 

Okuma GENOS L250II-e cnc lathe

The GENOS LII series machine is an inexpensive entry-level multi-functional lathe. Built on a one-piece cast iron base with a...
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Tokarka CNC CTX 200 Gieldemeister Serie 2 

CTX 200 Gieldemeister Serie 2 cnc lathe

We also accept orders on a GILDEMEISTER CTX-200 S 2 CNC lathe Machine parameters: head: 12 – tools for VDI...
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Professional, very strong and efficient cutting machine, metal band saw with 45 ° swivel arm, based on solutions proven over...
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stanowisko do wymiarowania 

Measuring station

Measurement systems help to verify the key dimensions of the product with the accuracy specified by the customer, shorten the...
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Własny rozładunek CNC 

Own unloading

For the convenience of our customers, we offer our own unloading.
Grzegorz Wędzonka

+48 787 434 801

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